Why Time Table is Necessary in IIT Foundation

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Preparing for IIT foundation is no simple task. This preparation is not about wits and intellect, but that of method. Most children are not guided in the right direction while gearing up for IIT entrance. This is mostly because parents are often not well informed about the way this works in the real world. No matter how hard the child prepares for IIT, results will not be achieved without proper planning.

Time Table – A Critical Aspect for IIT Foundation

Remember the good old days when time table was everything? In the fast paced era of technology and social media, time table still stands good for cracking IIT entrance. Having a proper time table and following the same diligently will ensure sure shot success at IIT and yet, not many children are tuned to apply the same.

IIT Foundation Time Table – Key Components

When the child prepares a time table for IIT entrance, he/she should identify key areas of challenges and focus. These areas should be listed down and looked upon as prime priority while going about the rest of the studies.

Here are some of the key components of IIT Foundation Personal Time Table

Key Subjects

Child has to highlight all the subject areas of study. Then important topics under each subject have to be shortlisted. The preparation is mostly based on concentrating towards topics that pose as prime difficulty. The rest are jotted down latter in the sequence.

SWOT – Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat

Believe it or not, SWOT analysis is not just for corporate managers. Listing out vital areas of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat actually enables the child to understand where he/she stands in terms of preparing for various subjects and topics. Listing out strength areas gives a mental boost while understanding weaknesses, opportunity and threat empowers better and streamlined preparation.

Areas of Continuous Development

These are the most critical areas in the IIT Foundation. Children preparing for IIT should cite the most challenging subjects that need continuous development. These areas should then be put under action plan for everyday practice. That way, streamlining battle with tougher concepts tends to get simpler.

Everyday Lesson Plan

Having an everyday lesson plan is the most precise way to enhance practice. Jotting down everyday schedule and sticking to the same with discipline helps reduce exam stress. The fact that lesson plan covers all the areas of curriculum relaxes the student while going on about preparation.

From the days of the great Ramajunam to the recent Stephen Hawking, time table method has stood the test of time, providing a balanced preparation for the student. The fact that this helps with IIT foundation is not a myth. It works.

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