Things to Expect as An IIT aspirant

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Once the Class 10 results are out, it is the time when you will take your baby steps towards nurturing that dream of becoming an engineer. You have decided that you are going to opt science stream and will appear in Joint Entrance Exam, to help you get admission into one of the most coveted IITs.

So, here is what you can and should expect before you start your first day in an IIT of your choice, of course after having passed the JEE.

Here are few things that you need to be prepared for and expect as an IIT aspirant:

Be Absolutely Sure

Firstly be absolutely sure that you want this to be your career goal. If you have even a slightest twinge of doubt in your mind about getting into engineering, then rethink and reconsider your career goals. Now, if you are totally ready, then start by planning for the two years of your preparations. Have a comprehensive study plan, focussing on preparation for JEE as well as appearing for the board exams. Keep a minimum of 6 hours for sleeping and some for exercising.

Decision On The Right Coaching Centre

A very important decision to be taken at this time is whether you should join a coaching institute or not. You may want to consider your financial options. Other factors affecting this decision can be the availability of the best coaching institutes near house or whether you will have to relocate in order to get to the best institutes. Whichever institute you choose to join, just make sure the faculty is well qualified and experienced. If you cannot join a coaching institute, then you can go for a correspondence course or at least take up test series of a good coaching class.

Equip Yourself For The IIT Concepts

Make a list of the best books on the subjects and go through them. Make sure that you clear your concepts well in time. Also practice problem solving techniques of different kinds. This would help you delve deeper into the concepts.

Get Adequate Parental support
Your parents are the biggest support during this time. They definitely want that you get into the best college and for that they are willing to give you everything. On part of parents, it is important for them not to unnecessarily put pressure on the kids. Just support them and love them.

Last leg of The Preparation

After giving almost two years to clearly understanding the concepts and developing problem solving aptitude, the last few months before the JEE are very crucial. You need to keep at least a month’s time for the boards and give almost three months to revise your syllabus for JEE and practice sample papers. Try and practice papers at the time, when JEE is conducted, so that you set your body clock to work best at that time. Don’t start any new topic at this time, rather perfect the ones you are thorough with. In the last week before the exam, practice properly, sleep well, keep stress at bay and most importantly be positive and optimistic.

On the D-day

Finally, the day of the examination has come. Make sure you have slept properly, so that you are fresh and focussed during the exam time. Stay alert and give your exam with full concentration.

Now, you can wait for the exam result and during this time try and find the best course and best IIT according to your interests.

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