1. The staff and teachers at Square Root are courteous and methodical.  They listen to our views and concerns and act promptly.  The faculty is very good.  The attention given to each and every student is commendable. I would wholeheartedly recommend Square Root to one and all who want their children to have a strong foundation with basics. – Mrs. Bhuvana Malladi m/o Ms. Snigdha Malladi Class X.

2. My children feel happy when they go to the Square Root.  They do not need reminders or persuasion, when it comes to attending the classes.  That simply tells us that the teaching here and the way of handling students is rather good. Square Root is doing a great job with respect to mentoring and fine tuning children with summer concepts and knowledge based queries. – Mrs. Sridevi Ramadevu m/o Ms. Amritha Ramadevu & Ms. Phani Ramadevu Class X.

3.  “I have been attending Square Root since last six months. I really like these classes. Initially I used to think that it is a waste of time to come here.  But after few days of interactions, it was quite the opposite.  The lecturers here teach us new concepts, principles, etc, which are useful in day to day life and for pursuing higher studies.  We get to discuss concepts more than we do in our school.  The environment here is very friendly, helpful and pleasant. We find a different world here with new ideas, thoughts, etc.  We get subjected to a great environment with an inspiration to do something in life.  The teaching staff is very friendly, and they explain the concepts and discuss at length till we understand and ingrain fully.  They clear our doubts with lots of patience with smile on their faces.  The topics discussed are highly useful. Square Root makes us look forward to attending more classes. I get the best of concepts,  good concentration levels, quick writing and the ability to apply logical thinking. Thank you, Square Root.” – Ratna Medha, Student, Class X