Last Minute Strategies for Cracking IIT JEE

IIT Exam

You have been working really hard for the past two years to crack the JEE, and it is now time to take the plunge. By now, you must have studied and revised your course material several times. Board exams have just finished, and your complete focus has been on JEE, in the past few weeks. We give you some last minute tips to help give you your best shot at the entrance exam.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect
The JEE Main consists of MCQs and your preparation should be directed in this direction. The paper has 90 questions to be done in 3 hours. There is a negative marking, so practice to solve questions correctly and within time. Practice the JEE sample question papers and mock tests. You must practice at least 15-20 of them to help you learn the time management required to solve a paper with MCQs. In boards, you had to write descriptive type questions, so to be perfect at attempting MCQs, it is best you practice, practice and practice.

Say No to New Concepts
It is seriously not the time to take up a new topic, because if you do so, you may only get stressed out. Try and master those topics which you have already done. These are your strengths right now, and you have to make your strengths stronger by revising them. There is simply no point in picking up something new and wasting your precious time on it, when you should rather be a master of the other topics, which you have already done

Study From a Compiled Set of Notes
You may have made your own notes of the most important topics in the past two years. Go through them thoroughly. If you don’t have any such notes, then pick up a book and revise the chapter’s important points only. No need to study everything in the books.

Study Through a Planned Time-table

At this point, your time-table should include time to revise, to take up mock tests, and to relax and unwind your mind and body. Follow that time-table to do a more strategized study. This will also help you learn time management.

Long study hours need those 5-10 minutes of break in between them. Your break times help in reducing fatigue and stress and this will in turn improve your concentration. Also take some long intervals between long hours. Listen to some music or just take a small nap to feel refreshed and energized to start studying with better concentration.

Sleep properly
Sleep properly for about 7-8 hours. Depriving yourself from a good sleep may make you tired and increase your stress levels, dropping your concentration levels. It becomes all the more important to get adequate sleep just before the day of the exam, so that you stay fresh and focussed.

Cracking the JEE, is not that tough as it may sound, only if you have been truly working hard with full dedication and concentration towards your goal. Nothing is impossible. Even impossible says ‘I M POSSIBLE.’

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