• IIT Foundation

“Get your child rolling with a pro IIT mind early!!”

Preparing your child to take on the world with a future in IIT?

The IIT Foundation course at Squareroot had been exclusively designed under the guidance of past IIT alumni. Our teachers are groomed by a special panel of IITans. The unique teaching methodology constitutes both lectures and practical discussions.

Some of the other main features of IIT Foundation Course with Squareroot

  • Personal focus and interaction with the student
  • Model paper made by the experts to crack the exam more efficiently
  • Review sessions every fortnight to check the student’s progress
  • State of the art air-conditioned digital classrooms

What more, we also touch base with the parents to keep up briefed about their progress with IIT preparation.

Board Exam Preparation Classes (separate section to be created on the home page)

There is no other anxious phase as your child’s final board exams. The board exams are not only heavy on the mind of the young one, but they also define their smooth progression to higher level of learning.

Square Root also conducts special Board Exam Preparation Classes, working closely with the student to help them with areas that need extra attention.

Some of the main features of our classes:

  • One on one discussion to highlight and understand areas of difficulty
  • Personal care and attention to check the progress

Constant reviews and discussions to revise the curriculum.