IIT and Hyped Fears- How relevant are they


The Myth surrounding IIT

IIT or the Indian Institute of Technology happens to be the premier academic institution in India. It is the most deemed university cum academic institution among the engineering students and high profile education aspirants. In order to make it up to this premier institution, the exams that need to be taken are JEE Mains followed by the JEE Advanced. The JEE Mains which was formerly known as AIEEE is arranged by CBSE Council and is held at the end of each academic session. The exams are tough but once the preparation is all set, it seems easier than what is usually feared.

The general fear of IIT complexity- The most calculated fear among all of the aspirants has been the fact that the examination is tough. In reality the syllabus of the examination is purely based on CBSE curriculum and if an aspirant sincerely follows the requisite books, the ordeal is easier to handle. Without prior preparation any examination would seem tough.

JEE Advanced and the related fears- Once the aspirant has cleared the JEE Mains, he or she has to sit for the JEE Advanced exam. The cutoff for JEE Mains is altered every year but the examination is relatively easier to crack. The JEE Advanced exam needs the attention in different levels. The devotion and the time into studying needs to be fixed and should not be altered at all costs. The best period for preparation would be nearly 6 to 12 months. This period needs crisp attention and utmost dedication. One of the most hyped up fears in this aspect is that the examination is too tough, which it isn’t. The pattern for examination is basically related to multiple choice questions and the most important aspect would be time management. If the time management is correct, the paper is easier to complete. The best way to get acquainted with the entire pattern would be to continue solving test papers instead of starting from scrap.

The Relevance of Hyped Fears- Fear is only prevalent among those aspirants who haven’t resorted to a basic way of preparation. One must always remember that every individual has some strong and weak points. The best way to succeed is to concentrate on the strong points and make sure that every aspect regarding that is clear. Once the concept is clear the exam loses its trend of being a tough examination. The questions are not tough but tricky. The exam needs to be visualized in various aspects as often the conventional method would seem time consuming. One has to have a good idea of the basics as all the steps are related to the very basics and a strong foundation is the key to success. Fear is only a de-motivating instinct and needs to be addressed to in definitive ways. If it is IIT, then it is all about presence of mind and a quick resolving mindset. At the end of the day one must also remember that it is just another exam in their daily life.

One must always remember that the best way to overcome fear would be by facing it. It is just another exam and needs to be dealt with in the ways it has always been. Fears are irrelevant and should be the last concern of any student.

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