How to prepare your child for IIT Foundation?


Indian institutes of technology (IITs) are the premier institutes for highest level of engineering and science education in India.Every year, lakhs of aspirants vie for a few thousand seats. The fierce competition present in a country like ours makes it mandatory for parents to track the best channels since early schooldays. As per a few toppers of JEE, the foundation exam for IIT, it is better to begin preparations from 5th or 6th grade. This can be realized from programmers of prestigious coaching centers like FITJEE which offers training from 6th standard (little genie programmed etc.)

The foundation exam is conducted in two levels namely, JEE-MAINS and JEE-ADVANCED. Both the stages constitute physics, chemistry and mathematics as the core subjects. These subjects are studied by the students in schools and thus middle school is considered the most productive time to start JEE preparations.

How to prepare your child for IIT Foundation

It is natural for parents to hoard anxieties and unknown fears in this aspect. The dream of an IIT is achievable, when the preparation is commenced early. Discipline and focus are very important for the child to inculcate as habits. Here are few ways in which the children can be prepped to face the IIT:

Coaching classes, a big Support
The early stages of coaching classes that introduce the child to IIT basics has proved to be quite effective. The coaching classes that start as early as 5th standard enable better learning.
Online Material for study

  • Websites like JEE also provides material for preparation purposes. There are numerous bulletins available from the website as well as third party sources which students should refer. The large student community in India is inspirational and parents along with the children are craving for adequate prospects after completion of degree education. This issue can be tackled with early targeting of the entrance exam through daily self study of the subjects along with the school syllabus.
  • Some classes offer distance learning programmers for students who are unable to make to cities or rather to the classes themselves which makes in convenient for aspirants to pursue training along with their existing schedule. The topics related to engineering that students come across during early education years should be the focus for aspirants as these help them grasp quickly at a later stage.
    Parental guidance and support
    The parents need to help children develop mathematical skills and upgrade subject interests in order to cope up with the exam pressure after completion of intermediate level. ArpitAgarwal, the bright student who cleared the JEE with flying colors claimed to have not attended any social gathering for at least two years prior to the exam.
    Practice makes a child perfect
    According to the pattern of the exam, students are required to solve multiple choice questions which include negative marking for every wrong answer. Thus it is best to get used to with the culture by solving a sea of mock tests regularly. Mock tests give a purview and reality check to students repeatedly.
    Student Testimonials
    According to an interview by most toppers, they got the advantage of the integrated programs held at a premier institute which was amalgamated with respective schools. This tie-up between the school and coaching center gives the students liberty to save time and attend only half the subjects in school. Thus it can be observed that either joining a reputed coaching place early or at least focusing on core subjects since middle school gives the student advantage later.
    We may end the discussion on the most vital note which is to generate keen interest in the subjects and areas that are to be dealt with in the future in IITs,as this may ultimately decide the prospects of students in getting into such premier institutes as well as coming out as quality and effective workforce.

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