POSTER (1)Concept Cracker (Summer Camp)

A unique concept for summer vacation from Squareroot, Concept cracker is a special summer program designed to help students with the concepts that they would be learning the next academic year.  The program is designed to give an overview of the various concepts in Math, Physics & Chemistry that the students can look forward to. We also conduct special sessions (one session per topic) for important areas such as handwriting, Vedic math and memory skills’.  We invite eminent academicians to address the queries that plague young minds with regards to career choices.

Why is Concept Cracker Different?

Sometimes, a tiny step in the right direction ends up becoming the biggest step of your life.

Concept Cracker is one such step for students of any board (SSC, CBSE, IGCSE, IB).

You may wonder as to how this concept is a viable step towards the right direction. To start with, the concepts delivered to the student in advance will enable them to have an edge over their peers, especially when these topics are discussed at school.  A better understanding will result in better scores for sure.

To make this more interesting, we have included the following workshops by the aces in the industry:

    • Memory skills by Squadron leader Jayasimha.  Mr. Jayasimha has Guiness Records to his credit.
    • Handwriting skills by Mr. Mallikarjun.  He is among the very few masters of Handwriting Calligraphy in the twin cities.
    • Vedic Maths by Dr. Ramesh. Dr. Ramesh is the Head of Vedic Maths Department in Ved Vigyan Maha Vidya Peet.
    • We are also conducting a seminar on “IIT Foundation” which would throw light on the prospects and ways to attempt for an IITSpending just a few hours a day with us during the summer holidays, the students are assured to be bestowed with the best.

Concept Cracker Summer Program (Opens into new page)
Here are the details of our Concept Cracker Summer Program for April 2015
New Batches
Batch 1 starts April 13 2015 – May 13 2015 – 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Batch 2 starts April 20 2015 – May 20 2015 – 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Salient Features

  • Teaching by expert panel
  • Unique teaching methodology
  • Air Conditioned and Digital Classrooms
  • Common Core Program for all boards (CBSE, SSC, ICSE)

Weekly Workshops

April 25 2015 – Vedic Maths by Dr Ramesh

May 2 2015 – Memory Skills by Squadron Leader Jayasimha

May 9 2015 – Handwriting Skills by Mr Mallikarjun

May 16 2015 – Seminar on IIT Foundation

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