“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein

A branch of Roots Career Solutions Private Limited, Squareroot is the brainchild of professionals who have triumphed in the industry of education for over two decades. Our teaching methodology is a result of thorough research to help students fare better in their boards. We offer comprehensive coaching to students from classes 7th – 12th (SSC, CBSE, ICSE, IB & IPE).

At Squareroot, we believe in imparting extra training to help children master their concepts taught in school by way of convenient tuition system. With rising awareness among the current generation, there needs to be proper channelling of lessons to cater to the competitive world. Your child needs to thrive in the competition, but not necessarily be a part of the usual conundrum. We believe that every student has the power to apply learning in his or her unique way!

The tuition curriculum at Squareroot is one of its kind. Your child need not adapt to the same old grilling environment created after the school hours to beat the exams. We offer some of the finest teachers at your disposal to guide and mentor your child in the home premises or in a class room platform to work towards the extra mile.

With exhaustive curriculum enabled for better practice and practical application of what is in theory, our team of teachers are always equipped and ready to solve your child’s most complex problems.

Our present system of education now sees evolution, with newer and different learning syllabuses, coming from all directions every day. The schools all over India are not just about only ICSE and CBSE anymore. Our panel of tuition mentors coach, guide and mentor students to tackle the oncoming examinations under all boards. Our team of teachers come up with a sizeable experience in understanding the various curriculums across the schools. Be it any board, your child is safe with our expertise and exposure.

At the same time the IIT foundation that we give to students from classes 7th – 10th gives them a competitive edge in their professional entrance exams like IIT- JEE, BITS, AIEEE and so on.

Squareroot believes in imbibing knowledge with comfort. We look out for our students in a broader perspective.

Choose among our home and class room tuitions and get started today! We are here to deliver.

Our Team

Square Root is headed by professionals with years of experience into education and academics. Their academic qualifications and background speak for themselves.

Head Panel – Square Root

Mr Vijay Sagar, B.Tech., (IIT-M), PGDM (IIM – A)

(Director – Global Certifications and knowledge centre)

Mr Sagar comes with 3 decades of extensive exposure, leading and championing growth in various Indian and Multi-National companies of repute. He brings in a niche with domains into Manufacturing, Human Resources, Marketing and Export. He is also a trained professional who had conducted workshops for executives into lean manufacturing, quality function deployment, six sigma, production and planning & control.

Mr Ravi Shankar

Mr Ravi Shankar comes with a plethora of experience after his stint with IIT and IIM. He brings to the panel an enriching experience into training, leadership and academics.